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The Lab Processes system includes Lab Inventory and Animal Studies modules.

Animal Studies

The Animal Studies module is a comprehensive and straightforward application specially designed for biologists and chemists who need to conduct a wide variety of tests and experiments on animals.

The Animal Studies stores and handles three classes of information: animal growth, phenotype screening, and genotype analysis.

Animal Studies requires minimal computing skills. Genetic and physiological data can be entered either manually or automatically when automated genotyping and analytical phenotypic assays are used.

Animal Studies application is web-based and completely customizable, with Animal Studies it is very simple to create, change and distribute data flows using an iterative approach. Animal Studies puts all the information right at your fingertips.

The Animal Studies module provides storage for the genotype information, genotyping protocols and genetic marker information, including for example PCR conditions and results from polymorphism assays between strains. Animal Studies stores both SNP data (which will be used to catalog the genetic variation between each sample) and the trait measurements for each animal in the study.

This data helps find which regions of the genome vary in conjunction with the trait of interest. Statistical analyses can be performed by exporting the information for subsequent processing.

Animal Studies Demo laboratory has the gene therapy experimental data. We will load your data into Animal Studies and perform whatever analysis or reporting you need so that you are up and running quickly.

Animal Studies Features

At ATGC Labs, we are able to incorporate new features and customize statistical reports based on customer requirements, and we can integrate existing corporate data into Lab Processes.

Lab Processes

Lab Processes helps chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists conduct a wide variety of tests and experiments. Laboratory technicians can manage processes and collaborate with other personnel to create, change, and dynamically distribute data flows using an iterative approach. It is very simple to add new custom processes and tasks.

Lab Processes is a lightweight user-friendly program for managing and executing process tasks with synchronous and asynchronous continuations. Lab Processes uses event listeners for decoupling technical software details from instrument management. Lab Processes is capable of cloning processes and needs only minor modifications to reflect user requirements.

The production and QC data for each experiment are disseminated into all pertinent fields as laboratory data is generated and become available in real time. Inventory and instrument data are linked to each experiment by a human or electronic component.

Lab Processes can schedule and keep track of important maintenance, calibration, verification, and suitability needs of instruments used within production and QC laboratories.

Lab Processes documents the preparation and tracks the use of all incoming materials, components, and supplies.

Lab Processes keeps track of all running and completed tasks and processes. This information can be used for user performance tracking and timekeeping.

Lab Processes Features

Other Features