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ezFreezer® is the fastest and easiest way of tracking valuable samples and specimens in your laboratory.

Discover the elegant simplicity and versatility of ezFreezer software loaded with innovative features, including seamless data import, export, sharing, and collaboration. In an era when there have been significant advancements in scientific research methods, including the use of robotics and other laboratory automation, ezFreezer is dedicated to providing the best experience and the smoothest transition to next-generation asset management.

As the scientific industry continues to evolve, there is no shortage of resources (financial, academic or time) but investments require returns. Developed directly as a result of repeated requests from scientists, ezFreezer is an efficient system for keeping track of storage and retrieval of samples and biological materials.

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ezFreezer supports scientific and biotechnology research in academic and commercial laboratories while providing an elegantly secure, multi-user environment and enabling researchers to track valuable samples and specimens stored in laboratory freezers.

ezFreezer requires very little bandwidth and computing infrastructure and the data can be routinely backed-up to serve as a redundant source of information.

ezFreezer provides the ability to visualize and manage laboratory samples, their location and usage right on the desktop through virtual freezers. An easy-to-use interface along with the ability to customize fields helps researchers and scientists analyze, organize and visualize a multitude of sample types faster and more accurately. Capable of accommodating thousands of samples, ezFreezer's intuitive graphical user interface includes 30+ reconfigured sample types with fields to get you started quickly. It is the only application available that gives researchers the power to customize sample types, sample containers, freezer configuration and the number of freezers.

ezFreezer® Features


  • Web-based client/server architecture allows access to data from anywhere with the one-time installation.
  • Multi-platform browser support for Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers.
  • Full Unicode support.


  • Fully customizable freezer configuration works for all freezer types, tank racking systems, and cryostorage units.
  • Completely paperless workflow.
  • Rich visual display of boxes with 50+ artfully designed icons to represent your sample types.
  • More than 30 pre-configured sample types to get you started quickly.
  • Manages all your sample data with the unlimited number of custom-defined fields.
  • Users can set privacy options for samples which will restrict data access.
  • Dedicated welcome page for each user that contains user samples, preferences, and favorites (samples).


  • Real-time statistics. Identify the exact quantity of particular samples in each freezer.
  • Load graphs. Chart the freezer usage for space availability.

Barcode printers/scanners

  • Print barcodes and vial labels right from the software.
  • Support for barcode readers is built in.


  • Add up to 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 (*) users with three levels of access (Admin, User and Guest).
  • Define up to 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 (*) freezers with five levels of subdivisions.
  • Define the unlimited number of custom box types of various sizes.
  • Transfer ownership of samples between different users.
  • Import/Export data to and from existing text files or spreadsheets.
  • Backup/Restore your data right from the web browser.
  • (*) - Depending on the ezFreezer edition.