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Freezer Web Access

Designed to fit your laboratory workflow, track all of your research, development and process data.

ATGC Labs provides data management systems to biorepositories and research laboratories with a focus on the collection, processing, inventory, storage and distribution of biologic specimens.

Freezer Web Access is designed to fit your lab's existing workflow through its highly configurable and easy to manage set up, can support multiple independent data sets and mirror the unique process steps for each individual laboratory.

Freezer Web Access is not a cloud-based solution. You don't have to worry about cloud privacy threats.

Freezer Web Access is an affordable, low-risk solution.
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Freezer Web Access Guides:
Quick Start Guide
Quick Setup Guide
Working with samples

Freezer Web Access can track all of your research, development and process scale-up data in a single data storage platform, provides an organized and time effective means of keeping inventory and tracking samples on a large scale, integrates sample storage and data storage on one easy-to-use format, minimizes confusion and increases overall efficiency. With a multifaceted approach, the program allows for inventory to be maintained based on specific user requirements.

Freezer Web Access is a user friendly program designed to assist researchers with establishing an efficient system for storing frozen biological samples. Freezer Web Access is built in a way that requires no IT-staff assistance for set up or use.

With Freezer Web Access storage of samples is simple and systematic. Virtual containers are created to match the configuration and dimensions of physical storage containers. Containers/freezers may be easily configured using a Quick Setup feature, new containers may be added based on the need to expand. Samples are entered into the program according to their physical arrangement in freezers. A Container Layout feature provides a visual representation of each container for ease of identifying occupied spaces versus vacant spaces. Entries may be made in a sample by sample manner or in batches (in cases where there are numerous identical samples). Detailed information pertaining to a sample is entered at the time of initial entry and may be easily edited when necessary. Freezer Web Access provides a platform whereby documents can be virtually attached to samples both individually and in batches.

Do you know?
Freezer Web Access meets GLP and FDA Guidelines, including 21 CFR part 11 requirements: meets current regulatory and audit requirements by tracking every data change and requiring appropriate authentication to undertake any activity within the system.

Freezer Web Access provides the ability to track a sample from its point of origin to its final destination. Samples may be moved within the program corresponding with a physical transfer within or between containers. A removal log documents the destination of a sample, the reason for its shipment/removal outside of the system, and the personnel responsible for the removal. Freezer Web Access tracks the lineage of samples, particularly frozen cells. Daughter cells can be linked to parent cells and such relationships are clearly represented on a tree. Any movement of samples within the system is accompanied by transfer of information as detailed descriptions and uploaded files remain attached to the samples as they are moved from one location to another.A bar-coding system also makes it easy to monitor the movements of samples. Information can be exported and further distributed as the need arises.

The Cell Culture module is a highly specialized protocol-driven system designed to support development of the cell lines. Cell Culture manages activities related to the growth and maintenance of cell lines, provides stable cell lines development and incorporates laboratory methods facilitating faster and more accurate inventory lifecycle management: from the procurement of cell lines and request processing to tracking of tubes and other items in the laboratories.

Cell Culture provides easy to follow, step-by-step protocols, with tips and notes and is of interest to researchers, technicians and process engineers using cell culture within the biotechnology, biomedicine and pharmaceutical industries.

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The Freezer Web Access system has flexible and easy to use reporting features that help you be in control at all times. With an intuitive interface designed with ease of use in mind, reporting features allow to keep a close eye on valuable samples and specimens, can leverage information to make critical decisions.

Explore the data graphically based on data properties, rather than through complex queries.

Replace static reports with online analytical processing.

Drill deeper into the underlying details or into related data.

Move on to user-driven, visual analysis.

Reduce data through filters.

At ATGC Labs, we are able to incorporate new features and customize statistical reports based upon customer requirements, we can integrate Freezer Web Access with existing corporate data.
If you have a new requirement or need the upkeep of a software system, our team of bioinformatics scientists and computer professionals can assist. We are available for your research and commercial bioinformatics needs.

Major Modules & Features

Sample groups and fields module

  • Manage all your sample data with unlimited number of custom-defined fields
  • Stock or template sample groups - reuse previously created fields
  • Drop down menu, radio buttons, check boxes, auto-increment, mandatory fields
  • Customizable options to add or take away fields from sample groups
  • Create and upload custom sample images
  • View all data that was included with the sample: the passage number, the freezing media, the target family, the word/excel/images that were attached, etc.

Cell lineage tracking module

  • Cell line management
  • Sample requests and sample QC
  • Know where your batch came from
  • Tracks the entire lineage while also indicating parent vs. daughter relationship
  • Easily find remaining vials that are left from your batch
  • Track history of used batches, view the information on the old batch and know what happened to it
  • Attach word, pdf and excel documents to batches and samples

Freezer management module

  • Supports multiple independent data sets, sites, with restricted access to the top levels
  • Designed to work with 2D barcode plates, import full racks of tubes from 2D barcode reader
  • Advanced search and saved search queries
  • Box bookmarks and box notifications
  • Batch alerts: low number of samples, expiration date, low volume and many others
  • Filled space and empty space, all consecutive spaces reports, find consecutive spaces for the vials
  • Consolidate and create more consecutively available spaces, container copy and paste, drag and drop
  • Move vials between different boxes and freezers
  • Export at a hierarchical container level, export box layout, option to set successive well numbers: top-down or left to right

Shipment module

  • Submit work requests, initiate a batch by adding samples without locations
  • Ship vials of different cell lines together
  • Specify different reasons of removal: shipped, removed for QC, ect
  • Fill everything from one batch at once
  • Produce a quick excel report indicating which vials were removed
  • Ongoing and searchable history tracks all past actions: when and by whom the activity was performed
  • Sample usage statistics, Quick Inventory reports
  • Securely documented chain of custody information
  • Can be searched by week, month, etc.
  • Search for a batch with barcode numbers range
  • Email notifications

Barcoding and label printing module

  • 2D barcode scanner integration
  • Manage barcode properties
  • Print barcodes and human readable labels on your barcode printer and automatically assign barcodes to samples in Freezer Web Access.
  • Create a template to print the cell line name, the catalog number, the batch number and other fields along with customer logo
  • Print a high volume of labels with customer specifications

Other features

  • Web based client/server Freezer Web Access architecture allows secure data access from anywhere with one-time installation
  • Multi-platform browser support for Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers, smartphone and tablet technology.
  • Full Unicode support
  • Operating-system and database agnostic
  • Freezer Web Access works with the industry-standards such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Supports RESTful Web Services API for bi-directional integration.

Freezer Web Access meets GLP and FDA Guidelines, including 21 CFR part 11 requirements: meets current regulatory and audit requirements by tracking every data change and requiring appropriate authentication to undertake any activity within the system.